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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Updated Brow Routine

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Favorite Setting Spray

This post is not sponsored! I'm just in love with the product.As I grow and learn more about makeup I experiment with new products. I have combination skin which means my face is really only in certain areas ( my t-zone and eyelids) and really dry in others (the outer part of my face). I use other setting powders and foundation to matify my face, but this Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spray is the star of the show! It keeps my face shine free without making it feel dry or dulling my highlight (that's the most important part). After applying my makeup, everything except lipstick and mascara, I set my face with this spray and let it dry. I recommend waiting until after your face is dry to apply lip products and mascara because applying them before will make things pretty messy.
What makeup product have you been obsessed with recently?

//Este post no está patrocinado. Estoy en amor con el producto. 
Crecer y aprender más sobre maquillaje experimentar con nuevos productos. Tengo combinación piel que significa mi cara es realmente solamente en ciertas áreas (mi zona t y los párpados) y muy seco en otras (la parte externa de mi cara). Usar otros polvos de ajuste y la Fundación para matify mi cara, pero este decaimiento urbano aceite Control ajuste Spray es la estrella del show! Mantiene mi rostro libre de brillo sin haciéndole sentir seco ni opacar mi punto culminante (que es la parte más importante). Después de aplicar mi maquillaje, todo excepto la barra de labios y rimel, yo mi rostro con este spray y dejar secar. Te recomiendo esperar hasta después de que tu cara es seca para aplicar productos de labios y rimel porque aplicarlas antes hará cosas bastante desordenado. 
¿Qué producto de maquillaje has estado obsesionado con recientemente?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dear 2017

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2016 was definitely not the year I thought it would be, but I've learned a lot. I've built new relationships that I hope grow into lifelong friendships. I have more confidence and respect for myself. I know a little bit more about what I want and deserve. More than anything, 2016 has made me more optimistic about the future.  I can't wait to graduate and move onto college. I have a good feeling that 2017 will be a year of growth and triumph  (hopefully I'm not jinxing it). I have a lot of excited things planned! As I grow, I get to  know myself a bit more. I'm constantly changing and growing. I am most excited to meet Mia at 18 (I'm so stoked to be able to say I'm finally an "adult"). I know she's going to be something amazing! I have nothing but high hopes for the new year!
Peace Out 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

Apple Nachos

Hey Lovies!

Recently, I've been trying to find a snack that satisfied my sweet-tooth, but wasn't too unhealthy.  These apple nachos are the perfect middle ground! I get to feel a little bit more healthy because of the Granny Smith apples and walnuts, but get my chocolate fix with the Nutella.

First, I just cut the apple in the medium sized slices.

After the apples are cut, it's time to pipe on the Nutella. 

You can definitely use a piping bag for this part, but if you're like me and didn't have one on hand, you can scoop the Nutella in a plastic ziplock bag. Try to keep the hazelnut spread in one corner so that you don't make to much of a mess. This will also make it easier to pipe.

Once you've put your Nutella in the bag, get to piping! 

After you're done piping on the Nutella sprinkle on your nut of choice and you're done!

What You'll Need:

1 Granny Smith Apple
Walnuts (Nut of your choice)
Piping Bag