Summer Time Fun - Mia Denisexo

Summer Time Fun

Good Morning Bum Chums! Summer is all about fun and hanging out with your friends.These Summer Time Fun Activities are perfect for a day with the girls!

  • Vintage Shopping: Because vintage is so on this season, this is the perfect time to throwback your wardrobe and some girl time.                                                     
  • Have A Picnic: Who doesn't love a nice day in the park? This is great for downtime when you don't feel like doing something big but want to get away and have a nice refreshing time with friends. 
  • Beach Bums: I've mentioned this before. I'm obsessed with the idea of just spending the whole day at the beach with your friends. It's the perfect summer day! 
  • Spa Day: Ah the tranquility of the spa. Why not have your friends join you? This is good when your ready for a blissful afternoon full of peace and zen. 
  • Ladies Brunch:  Brunch screams sophistication to me! I love everything about it. Grab your girls and head out to your favorite restaurant or cafe for a mid-day treat. 

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