My Spring Essentials 2014: Fashion Edition - Mia Denisexo

My Spring Essentials 2014: Fashion Edition

This spring I plan to continue with my extremely girly style but experiment with new pieces and styles. Here are some of my fashion spring essentials. I hope that they are inspiration for you ladies! 

Lipsy Floral Pencil Dress

Floral Dress: You all know that I'm OBSESSED with flowers, it's my favorite thing about spring! In honor of my 2014 experimenting I'll be purchasing more dresses and skirts. Why not get it in your favorite print? Every girl should own a floral dress. It's innocently girly and goes with the season.

Glamorous Pleated Skater Skirt

Skater Skirts: Skater skirts are very feminine to me. They remind me of Ariana Grande and of course I'd want to dress like her! 

Palazzo Pants: These bottoms scream vintage! The slim waist line and flared pant leg accentuates your curves and makes them appear smooth.

 Floral maxi skirt

Maxi Skirt: For those days when your feeling indi, a maxi skirt is the perfect piece. 

I'd love to see some of your spring must haves. #SpringNeeds

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