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How to balance work, school and friends

We all get stressed about work and school. It can be overwhelming, having to study and get all of your work done. In addition to this you don't want to give up your social life, so you have to make time to hang out with your friends too. Here are a few tips on how to knock out all of your studies, get all of your work done and still have time for a girls day. 

  1. Plan Ahead: I'm only 15, so I don't have a job yet. My "work" is this blog. To be sure that I get all of my work done, I schedule certain days of the week that I will post. I do this every Wednesday and Friday. On the weekend and any free days I have throughout the week I like to work on new blog post. This is extremely helpful for those Wednesdays and Fridays when I get home from practice really late and I'm to tired to compose a post on the spot.
  2. Manage Your Time: Time management is the key to success. I like to have something to do at all times. Whenever I get free time while at school (we have a chill day in class or I finish all of my work early) my friends and I like to start on any assignment that is due soon. My gang and I divide up the work the lessen each others loads. This works perfectly because 1.) We don't have to do all of the work on our own and 2.) We finish the assignments quicker, this gives us free time on the weekends and we don't have to worry about it anymore.
  3. Stay Organized: When it comes to school and work I'm a little OCD (maybe a lot OCD). I need everything to be in it's rightful place and stay there. I keep a different binder for each of my classes as well as my blog/YouTube stuff. I also like to divide these binders up using tabs and labeling each section. I also like to use a planner and the calendar on my phone. I take my planner to every class and check write down any assignments I have, therefore I won't forget. I use the calendar on my phone to plan all of my blog post and videos. I make sure to use different stickers when labeling the events, these are like my digital binder tabs.
  4. Set Up Study Dates: Study dates are the best thing since In-n-Out! Who doesn't love the idea of hanging out at a coffee shop with your friends and getting your work done simultaneously?  it's a two-fer! Call up a few of your friends with the same classes as you and meet up at  your local coffee shop. You all can help each other with assignments and hang out at the same time.
That's all the tips for today folks! i hope you found this post helpful. If you have anymore tips or tricks leave a comment below to share!

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