published on Sunday, December 17, 2017

 Tops: Forever21 | Jeans: Thrifted | Shoes: DSW

Hey Lovies!

Nothings better than ripped jeans, pumps and a matcha latte! Sundays are my favorite. I enjoy planning out my week and catching up with girlfriends over brunch. What do you do on your Sundays?
¡ Hey Lovies! 

Nothings mejor que pantalones vaqueros rasgados, bombas y un café con leche Matcha! Los domingos son mis favoritos. Me gusta planear mi semana y ponerse al día con las amigas durante el brunch. ¿Qué haces en los domingos?

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Damage While Wearing Clip-In Extensions By Best Hair Store

published on Monday, December 4, 2017

Clip in hair extensions are an inexpensive and convenient way to add dimension to your hair and to take your appearance to the next level. They’re so easy to insert, remove and style that it’s possible to unintentionally mishandle them and cause damage your own hair in the process.

Protect your hair from damage while wearing clip in hair extensions by doing a few simple things to keep your own hair safe from damage.
Here are just a few things you can do to protect your hair:  
  1. Remove clip in extensions carefully
People prefer clip in hair extensions because they are easy to remove but take them out too quickly and you run the risk of taking some of your own hair out with them. Before removing your clip in hair extensions comb or brush your hair smooth and gently separate your hair from the extensions. Create sections in your hair to expose the place where the clip in hair extensions are attached to your hair and gently slide them out of place. Pulling or yanking clip in hair extensions out of your hair or handling them too roughly can cause your hair to break and if done routinely may lead to long term damage.
  1. Choose clip in hair extensions that are lighter in weight
When purchasing clip in hair extensions for regular use go for extensions that weigh less instead of more. Heavier clip in hair extensions have thicker individual strands of hair and are often preferred because they create a greater degree of volume when installed but they can also put stress on your own hair if they are worn daily or even several times per week especially if you have thin or fine hair. Lightweight clip in hair extensions that weigh 120 grams or less put less stress on your hair and can help save your hair from damage.
  1. Eliminate the heat
Frequent use of heat styling tools that are set on high temperatures on clip in hair extensions that are integrated into your hair can cause heat damage and breakage to occur to your own hair. Avoid potential heat related damage to your hair by blow drying, flat ironing or doing other styling with heat styling tools before attaching your clip in hair extensions.
  1. Give your hair a break
Wearing clip in hair extensions all day every day for weeks at a time may take a toll on the health of your own hair. Keep your hair in excellent shape by giving your hair a rest. Wear your hair in flattering braids, twists or upswept hair styles on days when you’re giving your clip in hair extensions a break.

  1. Avoid sleeping in your clip in hair extensions
If you fall asleep in your clip in hair extensions you run the risk of getting your extensions tangled during the night or pulling at them while sleeping. Removing your clip in extensions before going to bed at night is highly recommended but if you can’t secure them with a satin bonnet or scarf to keep them in place.

My Favorite Setting Spray

published on Sunday, March 12, 2017

This post is not sponsored! I'm just in love with the product.As I grow and learn more about makeup I experiment with new products. I have combination skin which means my face is really only in certain areas ( my t-zone and eyelids) and really dry in others (the outer part of my face). I use other setting powders and foundation to matify my face, but this Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spray is the star of the show! It keeps my face shine free without making it feel dry or dulling my highlight (that's the most important part). After applying my makeup, everything except lipstick and mascara, I set my face with this spray and let it dry. I recommend waiting until after your face is dry to apply lip products and mascara because applying them before will make things pretty messy.
What makeup product have you been obsessed with recently?

//Este post no está patrocinado. Estoy en amor con el producto. 
Crecer y aprender más sobre maquillaje experimentar con nuevos productos. Tengo combinación piel que significa mi cara es realmente solamente en ciertas áreas (mi zona t y los párpados) y muy seco en otras (la parte externa de mi cara). Usar otros polvos de ajuste y la Fundación para matify mi cara, pero este decaimiento urbano aceite Control ajuste Spray es la estrella del show! Mantiene mi rostro libre de brillo sin haciéndole sentir seco ni opacar mi punto culminante (que es la parte más importante). Después de aplicar mi maquillaje, todo excepto la barra de labios y rimel, yo mi rostro con este spray y dejar secar. Te recomiendo esperar hasta después de que tu cara es seca para aplicar productos de labios y rimel porque aplicarlas antes hará cosas bastante desordenado. 
¿Qué producto de maquillaje has estado obsesionado con recientemente?