HELLO MAY - Mia Denisexo


Hey Kiddies!

I finally feel like the staying at home thing is starting to get to me. I haven't been in the best of spirits lately, but a new month means a fresh start (even if it's still in the house). I feel that it is so important to have things to look forward to whether it is in your professional or personal life, especially during this time. It gives a sense of hope and optimism. I'm looking forward to May flowers, new collabs, and new investments. I've really been taking this time to think long and hard about my future and how I want things to be. I was beginning to feel a bit worn out, but I think this month is going to be the start of something amazing!

What are some things you're looking forward to?

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  1. I dig it. Haven't been in the best of spirits myself. But we gonna get thru it kiddo! Like everything it'll just take time!


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